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Let's Stand Together This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

This year, around 24,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. But for those living in regional Australia, their diagnosis is just the tip of the iceberg. Introducing CAN Connect – a groundbreaking nursing service for people receiving cancer treatment to access a specialised cancer nurse, virtually. Let’s come together and make a lasting impact this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Donate to help cancer patients access the care they deserve, wherever they are.

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What do the numbers tell us?

  • APC Detection Icon 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed before they are 85 24,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone
  • APC Detection Icon Regional men face higher rates of death from prostate cancer Men living in regional or rural areas of Australia have approximately 24% higher rate of dying from prostate cancer than their urban counterparts
  • APC Detection Icon Indigenous men struggle to access cancer care Indigenous men with prostate cancer have an estimated 86% chance of survival by 5 years after diagnosis, which is lower than the national average
  • APC Detection Icon 3 in 4 men avoid the GP 3 in 4 men are still likely to avoid visiting the GP when they have a health concern

Why does specialist care matter?

With CAN Connect, patients can communicate with a registered nurse through a digital platform to receive education and support, which will ultimately deliver better patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction and reduce the length of hospital stays.

Nurse Leads from Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CAHLN), Kristy and Victoria, are working hard behind the scenes to develop and bring this service to people impacted by prostate cancer and ease the stress of the patient, their family and their carer.

“A diagnosis of cancer and undergoing treatment of, affects all aspects of daily life,” said Victoria.

“It impacts not only the individual but their loved ones supporting them through this treatment. There are many aspects to consider when considering how to help ranging from physical, spiritual, psychosocial, financial and logistics – each individual is different in what they experience and, in their needs, following a diagnosis.”

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Access quality care with CAN Connect

To help get this service off the ground, CAN Connect needs your help today to fund the remote monitoring kits for patients to keep track of their temperature, blood oxygen, pulse rate and blood pressure at home. 

Take it from the passionate Nurse Leads who are working tirelessly on this project – Kristy Howell and Victoria Fitton, who say, “Without these kits, it would not be possible to safely monitor our patients from the comfort of their home and CAN Connect would simply not be possible.” 

Your gift will go a long way in providing kits and equipment to countless men, meaning they can monitor and self-report their symptoms to our caring nurses who will support their cancer and treatment journey. 

Will you help bring this life-changing project to life and make this service accessible for those who need it most, wherever they are? 

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Support country men like Ron

The challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis are made even more difficult for men like Ron, a 78-year-old living in regional South Australia. Specialist care simply isn’t accessible everywhere, and country folk are burdened by travel costs and time.

“Each trip to Adelaide is roughly $160 in fuel, and that’s before we get to accommodation,” Ron shares. “It is very frustrating. It can be a five-minute appointment but over three hours of travel. My specialist is pretty good with minor check-ups over the phone, like my PSA reading, but it is difficult to drop everything and come down to Adelaide.”

Cancer cases are higher in the country than in the city, and country men have a poorer chance of survival against prostate cancer. Some patients are so burdened by lack of local access that they delay or forgo treatment altogether.

Your support for CAN Connect will bring hope to our mates in the country.

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Support men like Wayne

"Naturally when someone tells you ‘you have cancer’, it’s a bit of a blow to start with. Having access to a specialist was the single most important thing during my prostate cancer journey.” - Wayne, 79-year-old in remission from prostate cancer.

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Care access is crucial for Elliot

“To be honest, I don’t really know who is driving my treatment, besides myself. I don’t have a single point of contact, and my GP (who I will say has been great) has not really provided the guidance I need. It’s something I really want to nail down." - Elliot, 78-year-old diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in 2022.

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