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Geoffrey's Personal Reflection

Prostate Cancer Survivor Geoffrey Murch Explains Why He Believes In The Importance Of Giving Back To Research

Cancer survivor Geoffrey Murch

Prostate cancer survivor Geoffrey Murch can recount the moment he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 15 years ago. As a long-time donor, he believes in the importance of giving back to research.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2005 when I was just 55-years-old. My Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were 7.8 which was a sign of something more sinister.

Naturally, when I first received the news, I was full of doom and gloom, but I soon realised I had to remain positive and it helped having the love and support from my family and wonderful fiancée.

I researched all treatment options that were available at the time as I wanted to be as prepared and informed as possible. After discussions with my doctor, I opted for brachytherapy, which is a less invasive therapy consisting of injecting radioactive seeds into the prostate to damage the cancer cells and destroy their ability to divide and grow.

Thankfully the treatments worked, and my prostate cancer was eliminated, which was a huge relief for myself and my family!

I’m left with scar tissue in both my bladder and bowel, but I remain positive as I know how lucky I am to receive brachytherapy thanks to incredible research advancements.

If it wasn’t for medical research, I’m sure my outcome would have been different. Every day since my diagnosis has been a blessing and I live in eternal gratitude and continue to enjoy my life with my partner and family.

Regular donations are the easiest way you can provide consistent support to our researchers and save even more lives from prostate cancer. To start an ongoing monthly donation, please call (08) 8243 1101 or click here.