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Ron's Reason To Give

Ron Dare Makes A Monthly Donation To APC With The Hope That Researchers Will Find A Cure For Prostate Cancer

Ron Dare Monthly Donation

At 73 years old, Ron Dare loves keeping fit and healthy through regular sessions of tennis and golf, so it came as quite a shock to him when he discovered he had early stages of prostate cancer.

Ron started experiencing health issues five years ago when he was having trouble with urine flow. His doctor informed him his Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels had risen slightly, which is a sign of prostate cancer.

The only treatment option available is invasive surgery because of the enlarged prostate, so Ron decided to decline treatment and wait and see, while continuing to monitor his PSA levels.

“I’ve had two biopsies with the most recent being in January of this year to check if the prostate cancer has spread. This biopsy indicates a possible decrease in the cancer, so I will continue to monitor the cancer through PSA tests and MRIs,” Ron said.

Ron makes a monthly donation to APC as a Regular Giver, with the hope our researchers can develop non-invasive therapies to treat early diagnoses and one day even a cure for prostate cancer.

Ron’s nephew is also prostate cancer researcher Dr Philip Gregory from the Centre for Cancer Biology, who we’ve proudly funded in the past and is making significant breakthroughs in understanding prostate cancer which could lead to new therapies (you can read about Dr Gregory’s research here).

“Thus far, I have had five years of operation and symptom free good health. My good fortune does not, however, diminish the need for more and increasing support of prostate cancer research.

“I know our researchers are working extremely hard each day to develop new therapies and help save lives from prostate cancer.”

We are grateful for people like Ron who donate regularly to support our researchers.

If you would like to become a Regular Giver, click here or contact us on (08) 8243 1101 for more information.