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Running To Stop The Heartbreak Of Prostate Cancer

Nick Brigham Ran The 2018 Adelaide Marathon In Memory Of Loved Ones Lost To Prostate Cancer, Raising $1600 For APC

Nick Brigham 2018 Adelaide Marathon

Running a four-hour marathon might seem gruelling and unbearable for some people, but not for Nick Brigham who had the memory of two loved ones spurring him on in the 2018 Adelaide Marathon, while raising an incredible $1,600 for Australian Prostate Cancer in the process!

Sadly, Nick lost his father-in-law Peter seven years ago after a four-year battle with prostate cancer. Very soon after, Nick’s wife Alex also lost her Godfather ‘Truck’ to prostate cancer.

“It was an extremely hard time for the family, having not one but two significant men in our lives lose their battle to prostate cancer,” Nick said.

Throughout the 42km marathon, which he completed in four hours and 17 minutes, Nick had the memory of both men motivating him for each step.

“I tried to think of something that would keep me going, not just during the marathon but the hard training sessions after work too,” Nick said.

“I thought of the suffering that prostate cancer causes and how many Australian men are doing it tough right at this moment. That’s what kept me going.”

Special occasions are particularly hard, Nick said.

“My wife and I recently celebrated our 25-year wedding anniversary and it was extremely upsetting and difficult not to have either of them here to celebrate with us.”

Nick is passionate about prostate cancer research and hopes his efforts will go towards supporting researchers who work tirelessly to identify potential treatments that will save men’s lives.

“Prostate cancer is so insidious and can be very hard to detect, sometimes making the diagnosis when it’s too late,” Nick said.

“It’s so important for everyday people like myself to support our talented researchers so they can make breakthroughs and save the lives of men who are diagnosed with this disease. If my efforts can help discover treatments so no one has to go through the heartbreak that my family and loved ones have endured then it’s all worth it.

“I hope people read my story and are inspired to create their own fundraising event and raise money towards prostate cancer. You will be supporting our researchers and also all the men who have suffered prostate cancer or are about to face that battle.”

You can host your own community fundraising event just like Nick! For more information call 08 8243 1101 or click here.