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13th April 2019

15,000 Patients Helps Improve Prostate Health

Group of Men

An impressive milestone has been notched up by the South Australian Prostate Cancer Clinical Outcomes Collaborative (SA PCCOC), made possible thanks APC’s generous donors!

The 15,000th patient has been enrolled in SA PCCOC’s prostate cancer registry, which helps to better understand and manage prostate cancer and improve patient outcomes.

“The data we collect helps to analyse pathological outcomes after surgery, biochemical recurrence after surgery or radiotherapy, quality of life after treatment and death rates specific to prostate cancer,” said Dr Michael O’Callaghan, SA PCCOC Executive Officer.

“It’s fantastic to see the numbers growing each year to better inform our research, we’ve had 1300 men join in the past 12 months alone.

“There are currently 25 research projects underway using the registry, to ensure men receive the best possible healthcare service within SA and across Australia.”

Established in 1998, it is the longest running prostate cancer registry in Australia and contributes to a national database collected through the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry Australia & NZ.

Australian Prostate Cancer (APC) and The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) are a proud sponsor of the SA PCCOC registry.

“We’re very grateful to APC and THRF for their support. The database is very important to improve our understanding of prostate cancer, its diagnosis, treatment and management, and will lead to improvements in outcomes for future patients,” Dr O’Callaghan said.