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13th April 2020 Latest News

Advances in Medical Research Saved Brian’s Life

Brian McGrath

Not a day goes by that Brian McGrath isn’t grateful to doctors and researchers for saving his life.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly 14 years ago in 2006, after his PSA levels skyrocketed to 8.5.

He was 64 years old at the time so he was able to undergo surgery to have his prostate removed, an outcome which proved lifesaving.

“Doctors told me afterwards it was a very aggressive cancer so if I’d opted to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I would have been dead in two years,” Brian said.

“The doctors saved my life.”

Sadly, it was a different story a generation ago, when in 1981 Brian’s father succumbed to the disease within a year of diagnosis and no viable treatments at the time.

This experience, which highlights the importance of supporting medical research and improving treatments, is why Brian donates regularly to APC.

“My dad was 75 when he died. From then on I’ve always tried to keep on top of my health, but it was still the last thing I thought would happen to me at only 64.

“They said to me, because you are 64, we can operate. If I was over 70 they couldn’t.

“It’s a godsend even being here. I give to both prostate cancer and breast cancer research as I don’t want others to suffer like my dad did.”

Brian is now in good health and enjoys seeing his four grandchildren grow up only a street away from his home in Tamworth.

“Every year I’m thankful to be here. That’s why I give, and I know my donations are put to good use.”

Regular donations are the easiest way you can provide consistent support to our researchers and save lives from prostate cancer. Click here to learn more!