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20th September 2019 Latest News

Clinical Trial Brings Hope

Pushparaj Velayudham.web

A clinical trial to test a new treatment for prostate cancer is currently underway at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, bringing hope to Australian men living with this disease.

Pushparaj Velayudham, the Oncology Trials Manager at the Northern Adelaide Cancer Centre, said the trial is testing the effectiveness of an immunotherapy drug called Nivoulmab and how it works in combination with other drugs to treat inoperable prostate cancer.

“Immunotherapy is one of the more advanced therapies used in treating cancer. It targets cancer cells more specifically than chemotherapy,” Pushparaj explained.

“Currently, there is no immunotherapy approved for treating prostate cancer. However, the available data and rationale shows that a combination therapy involving immunotherapy will provide patients better results for prostate cancer.”

The clinical trial, supported by Britol-Myers Squibb Australia, is an example of how research conducted in the laboratory can begin to be translated into the clinic and treat patients.

Nivoulmab is already approved as a treatment for certain types of cancers, including cancers of the skin, kidney and lung. If proven to be effective in conjunction with other treatments, it could be approved for use more broadly in men with prostate cancer that can’t be surgically removed.

“We are still recruiting patients for this trial. We currently have one patient enrolled locally and a total of 300 patients worldwide,” Pushparaj said.

“We are also always in need of additional funding to support our Centre to enable us to provide the most recent treatments to our patients and give them hope when they need it most.”

For more information on criteria for these clinical trials at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, please contact the Clinical Trials Centre on 8282 0833.

It’s because of the support of our donors that we can contribute to prostate cancer research at the Lyell McEwin Hospital and save the lives of Australian men.

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