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13th April 2020 Latest News

COVID-19 Advice for Prostate Cancer Patients

Kim Moretti

Australian Prostate Cancer wants to let all our supporters know we have been thinking of them during the coronavirus crisis.

You are no doubt aware, people with weakened immune systems or pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer are potentially at increased risk of contracting coronavirus.

In addition, prostate cancer patients are generally older with other medical problems, and the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 increases with age.

Urologist Professor Kim Moretti said that prostate cancer patients who had recent chemotherapy were more at risk than those who are on hormone therapy.

“The more serious risk is for men who have had metastatic forms of the prostate cancer, where the cancer has spread and you’ve had chemotherapy treatment,” he said.

“Chemotherapy weakens your immune system and you should be taking additional precautions to limit exposure to the virus. Contact your family doctor immediately if you start developing symptoms.

“If you are on active surveillance, watchful waiting or a stable prostate cancer patient on hormone therapy and are scheduled to present to your urologist for a PSA test or routine review, you are encouraged to ring and request a phone consultation instead to avoid attending hospital.

“The risk of serious illness from COVID-19 also increases with age so we’re advising everyone in this older bracket to follow the relevant Government advice.”

Reliable information is available on the Department of Health’s website An excellent Fact Sheet for older Australians can also be downloaded here.