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1st April 2022 Latest News

Donating To Help All The Blokes

Noel Hoppo Luckett

Looking after all the blokes in his life is the driving force behind Noel Hoppo-Luckett’s decision to donate to prostate cancer research.

At age 88, he’s seen too many of his younger mates and workmates be hit by the disease.

“I am very lucky that I’m still in good health, but so many of my mates have had prostate cancer,” he said.

“Put simply, I want to look after all the blokes that I know.”

Noel prides himself on keeping fit and healthy, walking 3km every day after being a bushwalker for 40 years.

“I’ve never been a smoker, I walk every morning – that’s the essence to a great life I believe!

“I worked in the forestry industry at Mount Crawford for 25 years and was always busy there too.

“People need to look after their health, then they’ll live as long as me.”

Sadly, Noel’s wife passed away 11 years ago but his three adult children and active social life keep him busy.

He is fascinated by medical research and the work being done to advance treatments in many diseases.

“Years ago when my wife was very ill, we went to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and learned about all the new technology that is being developed through research.

“It was very interesting and I’ve been donating ever since.”

Thank you Noel for your generous donations to Australian Prostate Cancer!

If you would like to help all the blokes in your life, please call our friendly team on (08) 8243 1101 or donate online here.