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14th March 2024 Latest News

New trial for incurable prostate cancer

Dr Tom Ferguson

Finding a new treatment for an advanced, incurable type of prostate cancer is the focus of an exciting new research grant awarded through The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

The cancer being targeted is called ‘metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer’ (mCRPC). Spinnaker Health Research Foundation, another charity within THRF Group, has awarded the grant to Dr Tom Ferguson to progress his “LuCape Trial” at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia.

Currently, a radiation substance called Lu-PSMA is used to help treat mPRPC, delivered through a needle in the patient’s vein every six weeks.

For other cancers, an oral medicine called capecitabin chemotherapy is used alongside Lu-PSMA to make the radiation work better.

However no one has tested this combination as a treatment for prostate cancer. This project aims to see whether this combination can help men with mCRPC live longer and with better quality of life, while also refining safe dosages.

Dr Ferguson’s trial has started recruitment and aims to have preliminary results later in the year.