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9th April 2019 Latest News

One Step Closer to Beating Prostate Cancer

Phillip Gregory

Congratulations to Dr Philip Gregory from the Centre for Cancer Biology who has been awarded a ‘Beat Cancer’ Principal Research Fellowship and prestigious Federal funding to progress his team’s promising work into prostate cancer.

This success has only been possible because of seed funding provided by Australian Prostate Cancer, as part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

Seed funding is a critical step for researchers to advance ideas or prove concepts, which can then lead to bigger discoveries and larger national grants.

Dr Gregory has now won funding from the prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to advance his discovery regarding the link between a new biomarker and the survival of prostate cancer patients.

“We could not have achieved this result without the generous support of donors,” Dr Gregory said.

 “These projects will help the team make a difference for the thousands of men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.”

Centre for Cancer Biology Co-Directors, Professors Angel Lopez AO and Sharad Kumar AM, recognised the impact of vital seed funding.

“Without the support of donors and The Hospital Research Foundation Group, our vital research and mission to translate our discoveries into cures would not be possible,” Prof Lopez said.

The NHMRC funding came with a special endorsement from the Federal Minister for Health, The Honourable Greg Hunt MP, who recognised the progress Dr Gregory has made so far.

“Dr Gregory and his team have identified a novel pathway that is induced as tumours progress to this lethal stage,” Minister Hunt said.

“The research will investigate the importance of this pathway and potentially open up new avenues for therapies yet to be considered.

“It can save lives and protect lives.”