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Thank you for your interest in fundraising for lifesaving prostate cancer research and patient care services through Australian Prostate Cancer! Fundraising with us is a fun, social and rewarding way to join the fight against devastating prostate cancer and support our dedicated researchers.


Fundraise Online

Creating an online fundraiser is one of the quickest ways to make an impact for your loved ones through prostate cancer research. In just a few minutes, you can set up a fundraising page through Facebook or Just Giving, share your fundraiser via email and on social media and start receiving donations!

  • APC Fundraise Icon What is your fundraising goal? Do you have a specific donation target you would like to hit? Or perhaps your goal is to raise awareness to a certain group of people.
  • APC Statistics Icon How will you fundraise? Are you participating in a charity fun run or bike ride? Maybe you’re shaving your head in support of a loved one with prostate cancer, hosting a morning tea or holding a virtual event or challenge.
  • APC Awareness Icon Choose your fundraising platform! In just a few minutes, you can set up an online fundraising page through Facebook or Just Giving. If you want to fundraise without an online fundraising page, please contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to assist.

How it works


Provide a few details to create your online fundraising page.


Add a photo of yourself and share your own personal prostate cancer story to help others connect with your cause. Are you fundraising in honour or celebration of a loved one? Or maybe you just really want to help find a prostate cancer cure for our community.


Share your fundraiser online to inspire donations and support from family, friends and colleagues.


You’re all set! Watch your fundraising total get closer to your target as you start collecting donations. Feel proud of your incredible positive impact for the future of prostate cancer research and know you’re making a difference for the next generation of fighters and survivors.

I shaved half my beard to raise money for APC. Both my grandfathers and my father suffered from this disease. This means that I’ve got a much higher risk of developing prostate cancer myself which makes me mindful of research into the area and supportive of anything I can do to further it.

Peter, APC fundraiser

Peter Jenssen

It’s hard for me to envision a future free from prostate cancer as I don’t think it will be achievable for me, but for brothers, sons and fathers in future, a future free of prostate cancer means taking a demon off their shoulders, allowing a more satisfying life.

Jim Walker, Fundraiser and Stage 4 prostate cancer battler

Jim Walker Raised Over $13,000 For APC

I ran a marathon and fundraised to support our researcher’s and honour all the men who have suffered prostate cancer or are about to face that battle.

Nick, APC Fundraiser

Nick Brigham 2018 Adelaide Marathon

Become a fundraiser and host a Longest Table!

The Longest Table is our annual cancer fundraiser where you can host a night of fun to fight for a future free from cancer for your loved ones.

Cancer is one of our deadliest enemies with 50,000 people losing their life to the disease each year. Frighteningly, one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

By hosting a Longest Table, you can help change these alarming statistics and save lives!

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Join our community of fundraisers!

Will McDonald Channel 9 Hiking Nick Brigham 2018 Adelaide Marathon Jim Walker Raised Over $13,000 For APC Kieren Anderson   After Shave Nick Brigham Marathon Ron Dare Monthly Donation Jim Walker 14 Hero get Involved
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  2. 02 One of our friendly team members will be in touch to help you get started
  3. 03 Raise funds and have fun!

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